Solis 50

From €27,000 Including VAT

Solis 50



01 / Key Features

Backlit Instrument Cluster

Easy to see at night

02 / Key Features

Power Steering

For easy operation & operator comfort

Solis 50 are strong, simple, easy to operate tractors. Their tier 3A engines have Bosch injection pumps and have excellent torque. The bonnet is rear-hinged and is gas-strut assisted, allowing unrestricted access for servicing. The tractors have a Renault (Claas)-derived transaxles, familiar to many operators. The tough 8F 2R fully synchronised gearbox is easy to use and the controls fall easily to hand – range control to the left, gear change to the right leaving an uncluttered step-through floor, just as on Renault’s tractors (34/54 series, Ceres/Cergos series). They have oil-immersed multi-disc brakes, a high-capacity clutch and power steering as standard.


Tough is just what it is.

Engine Type

3120 EL Inline FIP

4WD Front Axle

For better traction. Suitable for muddy operation better steering angle for sharp turning

Multi-speed PTO

Suitable for spraying & Rotavator application

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Engine Type
3120 EL Inline FIP
Power Steering
2WD / 4WD